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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information in relation to Aikido classes

Main member rules and regulations regarding return to training under current Coronavirus restrictions listed below (in addition see "Important Links" on right:

1. Non-Contact Aikido and Weapons Training only (e.g. Warm-up, Ukemi, Kihon Dosa, Drills, Kata, Weapons).

2. Members must lay out their own 3 mats per person at a distance of 2m from another member (more mats may be available depending on numbers attending).

3. Members will be responsible for cleaning their assigned mats with Antibacterial wipes (which will be provided) at the end of the class, before stacking away.

4. Maximum of 15 attendees per class plus Instructors, if members arrive and the maximum numbers are met they will unfortunately not be permitted to participate.

5. Members must arrive in their training uniform (Gi) no more than 5 minutes before the class is due to start (these restrictions are place upon us by the venues).

6. Members must complete and sign a new membership form that now includes a Coronavirus statement.

7. First Aiders must be aware of the Coronavirus Guidance for First Aiders (see Guidance for Club First Aiders).

8. Members must be aware of the Guidance for Members (see Guidance for Members)

9. Members will be given a non-contact temperature check at every class they attend and will be unable to remain if their temperature is within acceptable limits.

10. Masks are optional for members during training.

11. Jo and Bokken must be brought to all adult classes. Adult members are advised to purchase their own Jo and Bokken as all classes will contain some weapons work. Weapons should be disinfected before/after class.

12. Members are advised to wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer before and after classes.

13. Members must keep towels and water bottles in their own kit bags.

14. Members should wash their training uniforms (Gi) after each practice.

15. Members should avoid cash payments if possible.

16. Members should refrain from shouting (e.g. Kiai shouts).

17. Members should avoid the use of changing rooms, showers etc.

18. No spectators are permitted.

19. Members should be aware of any additional Venue (dojo) specific requirements.

20. Junior classes have been split to meet the maximum participant requirements (see Junior Classes at ALNS).

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