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Yoshinkan Certificates (2013)

Dan Grading (2011)

Kenshinkai meets Shinkendo (2009)

Kenshinkai in Japan (2009)

How To Learn Aikido (2007)

Gozo Shioda Memorial Seminar (2004)

Havant Welcomes World Master (2002)

UK Kenshinkai in Malaysia (2001)

Its a Mans World (2001)

Turning Japanese (2000)

And They Do This For Fun (2000)

Paying Homage (2000)

Martial Arts Disciples are given a Treat (2000)

Instructors Turn to Japan (2000)

16 Aikido Exponents in Penang for Seminar (2000)

Ray of Light (1998)

Aikido at London Science Museum (1998)

Using an Opponents Force (1996)

Masters on the way to becoming a Master (1996)

Learning from the Masters (1995)

Marshalled Arts Bolster Appeal (1995)

The Art of Living Life to the Full (1993)

Aikido in Harmony (1993)

Fighting Fit for Trip of a Lifetime (1992)

Aikido Gaining in Popularity (1992)

Masters of the Art of Aikido (1992)

Touch of the Master (1988)

New Mountbatten Centre (1983)

Harlow Karate Club (1975 )