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Ken Shin Kai teaches juniors from the age of 7+ (trial available for 6+)

Intermediate class available for juniors (after assesments within the junior class)

All Instructors involved with the teaching or supervision of members under the age of 18 have been DBS (CRB) checked and are first aid qualified.

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Juniors classes include the following:

Get active: One of the most obvious benefits of Martial Arts for children is that it includes a physical activity component. Not only will your child move around a lot, but they’ll also build on their strength and flexibility.

Build Self-Esteem and Confidence: Learning new skills increases children’s confidence and self-esteem. They’ll also need to work together with other students in the class and even perform their skills in front of people during grading or special events.

Work on Goal-Setting and Self-Improvement: Most types of Martial Arts have a belt or ranking system that children work through, meaning they are rewarded for their practice and mastery of skills. Focusing on a goal such as achieving a new rank or belt is a great way to learn about goal-setting and motivation.

Learn Respect and Listening Skills: Respecting your instructor or teacher is an important part of Martial Arts. Children will need to listen to and follow instructions in order to learn new moves and skills.

Encourage Teamwork and Belonging: While Martial Arts is typically done as an individual, team work is still a vital part of practice. Working in pairs is often used to teach techniques. Being part of a club also creates a sense of belonging and creates lifelong friendships.

Get Physical in a Safe Environment: If you have a child who likes to punch, kick, roll or wrestle, Martial Arts offers a safe environment in which to do it. Children learn how to punch, how to land safely if they fall and how to block someone else’s punches or kicks.

Learn About Conflict Resolution: You might think that Martial Arts is about fighting but it’s quite the opposite in most cases. Many Martial Arts styles focus on self-defence and don’t allow fighting between students until they are older and have more advanced skills. The ultimate aim of Martial Arts is to teach children peaceful, non-violent conflict resolution skills and to help them work out ways to avoid physical altercations.

Martial Arts has a lot to offer children. It gets them active and teaches them to be confident, peaceful and focused. Plus, if your child grows to love it, they can continue practising into adulthood where they will still reap many of the same benefits.

Safeguarding Children

We are committed to the highest possible standards in Child Welfare and Protection. Our Association and Clubs have adopted the British Aikido Board Child Protection policy.

For any issues relating to Child Protection please contact the Club Welfare Officer(Richard Lewis) or the Child Protection Officer(Dee Masters)


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