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Coronavirus (Covid-19) Information for Aikido classes - Instructors (updated 13/05/21)

Main instructor rules and regulations regarding return to training under current Coronavirus restrictions listed below (in addition see "Important Links" on right:

1. Training Adults: Non-Contact Aikido and Weapons Training only (e.g. Warm-up, Ukemi, Kihon Dosa, Drills, Kata, Weapons).

2. Training Adults: Any activity that does not meet social distancing guidance (such as contact, pad work or close weapon to weapon work) can only take place between people from the same household or support bubble.

3. Training Juniors: Full contact Aikido (no restrictions)

4. Instructors must be aware of the BAB Guidance for Associations and Clubs (see Guidance for Associations and Clubs (BAB)).

5. Minimum of 2m square per person (if required request Example Mat Layouts from the secretary).

6. One Instructor per class who must remain located at front of class.

7. Club Instructor must collect new Membership form for all existing members and return to the secretary.

8. Club Instructor must perform a standard Risk Assessment (see KSK Risk Assessment) and a Coronavirus Risk Assessment (see Coronavirus Risk Assessment).

9. Club Instructor must ensure every member has a Temperature Check at every class using an Infrared Thermometer, before marking them on the register.

10. Club Instructor must take a register at every class.

11. If mats are shared with other groups they must be cleaned (using a suitable agent) BEFORE and AFTER practice. If mats are not shared then only AFTER practice.

12. Venue (dojo) will advise whether spectators are permitted.

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