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Senior Instructors

A few facts about Kenshinkai Senior Instructors (3rd Dan and above) that you may not know.....

They get no payment at all, for giving up their time to teach Aikido, or to cover petrol or other expenses that they incur.

They have all earned their Yoshinkan grades from 8th Kyu White belt to their current Yoshinkan grade training (not just teaching!) regularly (every week, not the occassional seminar!) under a qualified Yoshinkan Instructor. Even though some were highly ranked in other martial arts, they have worked their way up in Yoshinkan Aikido from white belt, with no concessions, just hard work!

Outside of class they are giving up many hours every week attending meetings (British Aikido Board, Sports Council etc.) and courses (Sports Coach UK etc.) across the country (paid for out of their own pocket), in addition to time spent lesson planning, that benefits the association and enhances the quality of tuition for members.

They sometimes have injuries, ailments, family/personal/work issues also, but they do not let them affect their duty to teach Yoshinkan Aikido.

They cannot just decide they feel like missing their class no matter what is happening in their lives! They are responsible for being there every week with no exceptions. If they are ill they must arrange cover, the last minute "I don't feel like training today" option, that you all have, is not available to them!

They do not receive any money for grading members and they do not grade outside of the Kenshinkai Yoshinkan Aikido Association, their teaching is reserved exclusively for the benefit of members (except for the odd occasion they may be invited to teach at an external seminar, which again they receive no payment for).

They are Senior Instructors of Kenshinkai because they have worked hard and shown their dedication and a desire to teach Yoshinkan Aikido. They do not let anything get in the way of doing that to the best of their ability. So if you enjoy a particular class or learn something new, let them know, as that is the only reward that they get other than seeing your Yoshinkan Aikido improve.

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